Beijing Zettasensing Technology Co., Ltd. is an integrated circuit company focusing on the R&D and application of mid-to-high-end sensor chips. Possess the world’s leading analog and mixed-signal circuit design capabilities and R&D platform. Zettasensing Technology works closely with global first-line chip manufacturing and packaging and testing companies to provide local and international system solution providers with excellent sensor solutions and stable and reliable chip supply.

The performance, power consumption, and integration of pyroelectric sensors, heart rate blood oxygen sensors, and smoke sensors developed by Zettasensing Technology are in the leading position in the world. They are widely used in the fields of smart home, security monitoring, smart wear, and medical instruments. 100+ product application scenarios have been gathered.

The company drives product definition and R&D with application scenarios. Through innovation, system and circuit-level continuous optimization, and iteration, it provides customers with unique value in multiple links such as customer product design and development, manufacturing, quality control, and cost control, and products have been widely used. Recognized. The company continues to expand products in the Internet of Things, industrial automation, automotive electronics, medical and health, consumer electronics, and other fields and is committed to becoming a world-class and domestic leading supplier of sensor chips.

The company is headquartered in the beautiful Jingxi Zhongguancun Mentougou Science and Technology Park and has R&D departments, sales, and technical support centers in North America, Zhongguancun Shangdi, Shenzhen, and other places.